Friday, August 1, 2014

We should all be Geeks

What comes to your mind when you hear geek? this...

Me, Geek?
As far as I can remember, I have always been a geek aka efiko. Someone even went as far as to coin the term. Omo la fe, Iwe labi. LOL! But it was simply me. but the perception of a geek isn't all about brain power. The term has negative stereotypes. Geeks are loners, socially awkward and notice something in this google search?

... the glasses. Is a geek complete without the glasses?
I guess I fit into some of these stereotypes

Geek? Not Bad
Not all geeks conform to this stereotype. There are geeks who are extroverted, have perfect sight and aren't technology specialist. There are History geeks, Sports geeks, Harry Potter Geeks and Maths geeks. There are so many types of geeks and it is good!

The thing all geeks have in common isn't the glasses as the Google search might make you believe, it is an intense Curiosity, a desire to know more, a quest for knowledge,  an obsession even.

We need more geeks, we need more people interested in knowledge because of a deep fascination with the subject. To be a geek is to read Einstein's biography and not just his physics. It is to read math history and not just maths, it is to ask questions like why zero? What do complex numbers mean? What date was Cristiano Ronaldo's son was born? It is to know sport trivia like who was the first person to score in Old trafford. Or in my case find out the meaning of geek. 

We should all have an area that is our domain, where we are king. Be a geek today

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"Steve Wozniak" by Photo taken by Al Luckow - Homepage of Steve Wozniak. Via Wikimedia Commons -

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