Friday, July 25, 2014

Why Write?

For years, Essay writing was a (maybe still is) dreaded activity for me.
I remember it was the one activity where the teacher would tell you that you can't get more than half the score NO MATTER what you do. The focus was on "minus half-marks for every grammatical error"and not on the overall feel of your writing or the ideas you have. We would write about totally irrelevant and uninteresting topics like "A letter to your Uncle explaining why you won't come for Christmas" or some other inane topic like that. Sigh. Spoil-sports. They made me dread writing, it was something one failed even before one began. That's how my writing began...or didn't.

But it had to begin.

I have a lot of stuff going on in my head ( I have a compulsive sharing disorder, don't believe me? check my facebook :) ) There are ideas, thoughts and concepts that need to be put down. I need to write to express myself and it is no LONGER an option. It is a vital skill that I need to learn and is valuable in all FIELDs of life. I have to be able to express my thoughts.

For me, writing is an aid to thinking. ( I do that a lot :) ). It is a way to put in concrete terms what is in my head and see how the parts fit together , if they do at all. It is means of sharing what I have learnt and testing if I actually remember at all or understand, hours after reading it.

I am going to be writing again. I have a deal with Lynda,  we are to write something by Friday every week. I hope I can keep up :) and that you will too. Keep reading and don't forget to write

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  1. Nicely written...Dude you definitely do read a lot!

    1. Yes, I do. Stop reading, start dying. Come to think of it, I must not go blind oo

  2. Reading your article just brought back memories. Keep writing bruh cos you just rekindle the writer in me!

    1. Thanks! Dayo..em, who dash you the Samuel you dey parade?